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Lauren Gilmore

Lauren can slow down time. No, not really, but you would think she can, given all that she achieves daily for our clients. Believe it or not, Ms. Gilmore's experience in the fast-paced automotive repair industry (while pursuing her legal studies for many years) brought her to Carter Law Offices. Constantly taking care of and tending to car owners' needs can be a very tricky business. For many folks, their vehicle is their most prized possession. Well, multiply that concern by five bajillion when someone is tackling legal challenges and needs our help. Lauren makes sure that we repair problems, maintain constant communication, and get the best outcomes for the fairest fees. These things are simply ingrained in her basic operating system and we love it. Now, top all this off with her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies along with a specialized Bachelors in Legal Studies. (did we mention she's a notary too?)